Hanoi Büyükelçiliği 17.07.2016

We, at the Grand National Assemly of Turkey, the Justice and Development Party, Republican People’s Party, People’s Democratic Party and Nationalist Movement Party groups, strongly condemn the coup attempt, which started in late hours of July 15 and was suppressed/foiled in the early hours of July 16, against our noble nation, national will, our state and in particular the National Assembly representing the will of the nation and its lawmakers.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT), as the sole representative of this noble and heroic nation, has fulfilled its duty while under attack by bombing and bullets. GNAT, once again, has proved that it is an Assembly worthy of its nation. GNAT is an Assembly which conducted the War of Independence, developed the democratic parliamentary system and elevated a nation from hardship to a level of advanced civilization. Our Assembly gave a response to the coup attempt as a single body and with full unity.

The determination displayed by the GNAT against the coup attempt is invaluable for the further consolidation of democracy in Turkey. In the future, any attempt against our nation, national will or TGNA will be met with the staunch will of the Turkish Grand National Assembly resisting such subversion just as it did today. The united stance and tone of all political party groups within the Parliament in countering this attempt was a historic act and will leave the GNAT's mark in history as such. Common stance and language will further strengthen our nation and its will. The GNAT is in charge of its duties with one heart. The nation’s Assembly will get those who perpetrated horrendous acts of aggravated crime against the nation and its sovereignty to pay a heavy price on the basis of the rule of law.

This statement also demonstrates that nothing in Turkey will be remain the same as it was in the past. Although we may have diverging opinions and approaches as four separate political parties, we are all on the side of the national will and we stand ready to preserve it, now and forever. Our nation should be rest assured. The National Assembly and its lawmakers have not and will not let the trust of this nation down. Once again, we strongly condemn the attack towards our democracy, our nation and the GNAT.

We call for abstaining from acts of violence beyond the limits of democratic reaction, which would not befit our country. We cherish the memory of the martyrs, wish a prompt recovery to our wounded while reassuring our Nation that what happened is now behind us. We also salute all the brotherly and friendly countries that conveyed messages of support and solidarity to our nation.

•İsmail Kahraman, Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly,

Binali Yıldırım, Chairman of the group of the Justice and Development Party,

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Chairman of the group of the Republican People's Party,

Devlet Bahçeli, Chairman of the group of the Nationalist Movement Party,

İdris Baluken, Acting Chairman of the group of the People’s Democratic Party,​


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