The Message of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on August 30 Victory Day

Hanoi Büyükelçiliği 30.08.2022

Dear citizens,

Today, we are living the rightful pride of reaching the 100 anniversary of the Great Victory.

I congratulate our brothers and sisters in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and all of our citizens living all across the world on August 30 Victory Day.

I thank on my behalf of myself, my country and nation all of our friends who share our joy of festival.

Our nation, whose history is full of glorious victories, ended the liberation struggle, which it waged despite every kind of poverty and deprivation, with a clear and undisputable victory on August 30, 1922.

It was once again registered with the Great Victory that the lands on which we today live freely are our eternal homeland.

The August 30 serves as the clearest evidence of what the Turkish nation can achieve and what it can sacrifice when forced to choose between slavery and liberty.

Instead of staying under the yoke of the enemy even for a single day, our nation walked to the martyrdom with a bravery that scared the death itself, and defended its freedom and future.

Lastly, the incidents that took place on the night of July 15 have once again shown that the unwavering will that inspired the Great Offensive is still alive in hearts.

With the strength it draws from its history, Türkiye determinedly advances on the path to building a bright and prosperous future for itself.

Our country, which has successfully managed the coronavirus pandemic that has deeply shaken the entire humanity, is now taking steps to turn the global economic crisis into an opportunity as well.

Türkiye takes the place it deserves in the new world system with its growing production capacity, its exports that break new records every month and the projects it implements in defense industry as well as the responsibilities it assumes in the solution of regional problems.

The year 2023, when we will be celebrating the 100 year of our Republic, will inshallah mark a new milestone at which we give the good news about building the great and powerful Türkiye.

With these thoughts in my mind, I remember with gratitude Ghazi Mustafa Kemal, who is the founder of our Republic and the Commander-in-Chief of the Great Offensive, and his comrades-in-arms.

I wish Allah’s mercy upon our august martyrs, who breathed their last for the sake of our homeland as if they had been stepping into a rosary, and remember with gratitude our ghazis.

May our martyrs rest in peace.

Happy Victory Day.


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